Improve Your Post-Harvest Fertilization Program Results with Modern Biological Applications

The time after we harvest our fruit trees, row crops or vegetables is often when soil is most disturbed, due to the use of heavy machinery, or in the case of root crops, due to large-scale physical soil disturbance. In recent decades, convention has taught us to use a defensive approach with our field management, including spraying herbicides and tilling heavily. In this white paper, we explore proven ways farmers inside the industry are rebuilding soil health after harvest to ensure:

  • there is no net loss of vital nutrients for next year’s crop;
  • micronutrients are available in the right balance;
  • weeds are not allowed to dominate;
  • yield potential expands for all crops; and
  • your system is building yields and soil health congruently.

Download this white paper from our partners, Pacific Gro, and learn all this and more.  Download it here.