Improve Corn Yields

Improve Corn Yields


  • Soil Types for Corn
  • Symptoms of Unhealthy Soil
  • Building Humus for All Crops
  • What is Humus?
  • Watering Best Practices
  • Soil Life Types: Dung Beetle, Earthworm & Microbes
  • Weed Managements Best Practices
  • Soil Health Basics
  • Microorganisms & Soil Structure

Crop Science

  • Corn Plant Biology
  • Weather and Corn
  • Corn Climates
  • Corn Nutrition
  • Yield Potential for Corn
  • Magnesium in the Soil

Choosing Seeds

  • Types of Corn
  • Saving Corn Seeds
  • GMO Corn
  • Corn for Ethanol


  • Seedbed Preparation-Corn
  • When and where to plant corn
  • No-Till for Corn
  • How to County Plants


  • Organic corn fertilizers
  • When to soil test your corn
  • Examples of what to do with a soil test
  • How to interpret a soil test
  • Tissue Analysis for Corn
  • Minerals for Corn
  • Boosting Corn Yields
  • Reading a Soil Test
  • Understanding Solubility & Paste Testing
  • Liming the Soil
  • Corn/Wheat/Soybean Nutrient Comparison
  • Nutrient Uptate Root Flow
  • Key Elements for Economic Yield Gain


  • When to harvest Corn
  • Storing and Harvesting Corn
  • Alternative Corn Business Ideas
  • Measuring Corn Quality
  • Seed/Genetic Management

Rotational Advice

  • Corn-Soybean Advice
  • Biodiversity Ideas
  • Cover Cropping Ideas

Disease & Pests

  • Common Corn Diseases
  • Common Corn Pests
  • Organic pesticides for corn
  • Troubleshooting Corn Issues
  • Organic herbicides for corn


  • Corn prices (Historic)
  • Brix Measurement Standards
  • Plant Analysis Guide Sheet
  • Elemental Guide to Plants
  • Weed Detection & Management
  • Choosing a Soil testing Lab



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